Ride of Silence...

In Memoriam

This page is a permanent place where we can remember those cyclists who have been killed due to a bicycle/motorist crash. For information on how to submit a cyclist's name for inclusion on this page, please refer to our submission guidelines.

Click the camera icon camera icon to view an image in a separate window. Some cyclists' names are hot links to external web sites that provide additional information about them.

Archived News:

The League of American Bicyclists did a project, Every Bicyclist Counts, to capture, collect and deeply analyze fatal crash data which ran for the 2012 calendar year. The Ride of Silence completely supported Every Bicyclist Counts and encouraged our supporters and organizers to submit crash information as they knew it to the EBC website so that we might together better understand and do something about eliminating fatal bicycle crashes around our country and around the world.

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camera icon AANENSON, Dale Central and Cloverleaf, Twin Cities, MN September 22, 2008
ABBEY, John Tucson, AZ 07.13.21
ABDOO, Greg Plymouth, MI July 4, 2001
ABERNETHY, Joanna U.S. 40 W in area of Mineral Springs Rd near Cente, Indiana Aug. 9, 2014
ABODEELY, Phil Cedar Rapids, IA 8/2/2010
camera icon ADAMS, Doug Georgetown, OH August 9, 1997
camera icon ADDISON, Justin Tammany Trace intersection w Josephine St., A, Louisiana 1/21/2013
AGUILAR, Sandra De La Garza Rougemont, QC, Canada May 14, 2010
camera icon ALEF, DDS, Gail Willows Road, Redmond, WA Sept 18, 2005
camera icon ALEXANDER, Codi Sam Eig Highway, Gaithersburg, MD August 5, 2009
ALLEN, Jerome Staten Island, NY April, 2005
camera icon ALLEN, Rebecca Gumtow Fort Collins, CO 7-22-08
camera icon ALPER, Josh Highway 1, Santa Cruz, California Nov 2, 2013
camera icon ALVARADO, Jorge Greenspot Road in Highland, CA April 8, 2010
ANCZARSKI, John Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico 6/21/2010
ANDRADE PRADO, Marcia Regina de São Paulo, SP, Brasil 01/14/2009
camera icon ANG, Sylvester Singapore, Singapore December 19, 2004
ANKNEY, Michael Cory State St & Textile Rd south of Ann Arbor, MI Jan 16, 2015
camera icon ANNIS, Amanda (Mandy) Armitage & Kedzie, Chicago, IL April 30, 2008
ANSELMO (68), Don Phoenix (Ahwatukee Foothills), Pecos Road, Arizona Novenber 4, 2004
APELDOORN, Mark Amsterdam 22 june 2010
camera icon ARANDA, Roman Chappel Hill, TX March 19, 2006
camera icon ARNOLD, Gary Plano, TX March 7, 2004
ASH, Brad Dade City, FL October 4, 2010
ASLAN, Zeynep Menemen, ?zmir, Turkey October 14th, 2020
camera icon AUSTIN, Eric 1000 block of SW Third St., Corvallis, Oregon 6/27/2018
camera icon AVALOS, Hector Domingo 2500 block of W. Ogden, Douglas Pk, Chicago, Illinois December 6th, 2013
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camera icon BAAB, Megan Altamont, Avery Co., NC December 15, 2011
BAGGETT, J. D. MD Route 75, Frederick County, MD January 10, 1998
camera icon BAILEY, Brandie New York, NY May 8, 2005
BAILEY, James Lewisville, TX July 31, 2000
BAILEY, Selena Vancouver, WA April 1, 2005
camera icon BAINES, Jason Lexington, KY Oct. 24, 2012
BAKER, Bobby Jack Midland, I-20, TX August 30, 2007
camera icon BAKER, David Okemos and Willoughby Rd, Holt, MI Aug. 26, 2019
BALDERAS, Jose Monahans , TX 12/19/2008
BALNAVES, Robert Austin Townsville, Queensland, Australia 1/06/2007
BARBOUR, Steven Hilliard, Ohio 7/22/2009
camera icon BARNETT, Kathryn Taupo, New Zealand January 30, 2008
camera icon BARR, Charles Cleveland, OH August 11, 2006
camera icon BARRY, Lee Anne Lancaster County on Highway 521, Charlotte, SC October 21, 2007
camera icon BARTON, Brynn Salt Lake City, Utah June 7th, 2011
camera icon BARUCH, Roger Athens, GA August 25, 2002
BASCH, Lester Robinson Township-Grand Haven, MI Sept. 3 1997
camera icon BASTARACHE, René Saint-Barnabé-Nord, Québec, Canada November 10, 2008
camera icon BATSON, Brendan Norridgewock, ME May 26, 2001
camera icon BAUGH, Gary Cicero, IN July 25, 2007
BAXCER, Stewart Republic of Panama 2009
camera icon BAYLER, Sharon Covington Old Railroad Bed Road, Lincoln County (near T, TN May 9, 2010
camera icon BEARD, Rick St. Louis, MO June 20, 2014
BEAVER, Nancy Wichita Falls, TX 05/19/2022
camera icon BECKER, MD, Larry Boerne, Texas June 28, 2012
BEEBE, Robert Palo Alto, CA May 25, 2005
BELL, Sally 340th St. @ intersection with Balsam Ave, Fer, IA 11/20/14
camera icon BELONGER, Allen Iowa County, WI July 11, 2009
camera icon BELTRAN, Rojelio "Roy" 18th St & River Ave, Holland, MI May 2nd, 2015
camera icon BELTZ, William Thomas (Tom) Pontoon Beach, IL May 12, 2012
BENDER, Ronnie New Smyrna, Florida June 26, 1996
camera icon BENEFIEL, Darryl Newport Coast near Tesoro and Ridge Park Road, CA July 23, 2009
BENGE, Amanda Lynn Steeple Street, Providence, RI January 18, 2008
camera icon BENNETT, JR, Russell "PETE" Sedona, AZ July 19, 2007
camera icon BENSKY, Larry Butler Road in Reistertown, MD April 6, 2010
camera icon BERSANI, JR., Henry “Hank” Alexander Monmouth, OR 3/31/12
BETTGER, Thomas D. Boise, ID May 21, 2009
BIGELOW, Terrence S. of Manti on highway 89, UT April 25, 2007
camera icon BILLINGS, Matthew Snowville and Dewey Roads, Brecksville, Ohio September 17, 2015
camera icon BILSKI, Stan Tunnel/Montrose intersection, Santa Barbara, CA June 12, 1995
BINGHAM, Sylvia Cleveland, Ohio 9/15/2009
BIONDO, Salvatore (Sal) Liverpool Township, Medina, OH May 31, 2007
BISHOP , Virgil Lee Camp Taylor, Louisville, KY April 4, 2011
camera icon BITRITTO, Barbara 15th St. & Kennedy Blvd N. Bergen, NJ March 7, 2008
camera icon BLACK, Kevin Seattle, WA Feb. 4, 2009
BLAND, Neil Curtis Winston-Salem, NC April 3, 2007
camera icon BLISS, Bill Pueblo, CO June 24, 2005
camera icon BLUMENTHAL, Dave mountain road near Denver, CO June 24, 2010
BLYLER, Maureen Atlanta, GA August 29, 2002
camera icon BOBINSKI-CURTIS, Christoper East Peoria, IL June 23, 2014
camera icon BOCKENSTEDT, Dan DuBuque, IA September 11, 1997
BOLDEN, Heath Aaron Loop 499 in Harlingen @ Texas State Tech. Col, TX December 9, 2004
camera icon BOLKEMA, Gerald Lowell, Indiana 5/25/2008
camera icon BOMBER, Edward Paul Philomath @ intersection of Chapel and Fern R, OR October 2, 2008
BONBRIGHT, John H. Denver, CO 7-14-08
camera icon BONDELLI, Jon W. Hubbard St. & N. Leavitt St., Chicago, IL June 27, 1997
BONTRAGER, Vernon Yoder, KS Sep 18, 2008
camera icon BOONE, Leigh Bess Westheimer and Dunlavy, Houston, TX March 30, 2009
BOONE, Richard U.S. Hwy 41 near Crystal Lake Rd., Lutz, FL Nov. 15, 2011 (Died
BOSLEY, William C. Downsville Pike (Md. 632) & Progress Way, Maryland Jan. 13, 2017
camera icon BOUCHARD, Elise M. Hampton, NH 9/21/2013
camera icon BOUDREAU, Ryan 18th & Clark, Chicago, IL August 13, 2007
BOWERS, Mitchell Van Dyke Rd. and Currie Ford Dr., Tampa, FL 1/26/10
camera icon BOYE, Edward L. Dutch Neck Rd. & Wilmor Dr., E. Windsor, New Jersey Feb 16th, 2010
BRACE, Kevin Francis Rossville, Kansas April 10, 1977
BRADLEY, Clifford Wellington, KS Sep 17, 2008
camera icon BRADLEY, Debbie N. Westnedge Ave @ Markin Glen Pk, Kalamazoo, MI June 7, 2016
BRADY, Mike Fulton, MO 2 September, 2000
BRANDELL, John Elberta, AL March 12, 2008
camera icon BRASWELL, CFVFD ASST. CHIEF, W. “Mark” Houston, N. Bridgeland Lk Pkwy & Shorelands, Texas May 16, 2014
camera icon BREEDLOVE, Bob Pueblo, CO June 23, 2005
camera icon BREWER, Tomas Temple & Burlington, Los Angeles, California April 23, 2016
camera icon BRIESE, Jan Channahon, IL May 26, 2005
camera icon BRILL, Richard A. (Rick) Hermantown, MN Sept. 27, 2015
camera icon BRISSON, Robert Sainte-Catherine,
Quebec, Canada
October 20, 2006
camera icon BROCK, Peter Blandford, Nova Scotia, CA Dec. 12th 2006
camera icon BROWN, Jarryd E. Tallahassee, FL 5/20/2008
BROWNE, Thomas Buffalo, NY July 23, 2010
camera icon BRUEHLER, Gregory and Alexandra San Antonio, TX October 1, 2009
BRUNI, Tom Baltimore, MD July 9, 2005
camera icon BRUNTJEN, Worth V. Bonita Bay, FL August 7, 2005
BUCHER, Timothy Castro Valley, CA June 15, 2011
camera icon BUCK, Thomas A. l144th Ave, between 17th & 18th street, Dorr, Michigan October 17, 2007
BUCKLEY, Richard Menlo Park, California 08/24/2011
camera icon BULLEN, Jessica Madison, WI June 30, 2005
camera icon BUNAG, Christopher Crockett, CA July 24, 2018
camera icon BURKE, M.D, Maj. Matthew P. Beech Isl. Ave on Beech Isl., SC Oct. 1, 2010
BURKHARDT, Ute Dania Beach, FL October 26, 2006
camera icon BURKHART, Christian Toledo, OH June 6, 2006
BUTLER, Mitch Redford, MI October 3rd, 2008
camera icon BYELICH, Jill W. Howe Rd., DeWitt, MI Sept. 2, 2014
BYRNE, Liz Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York Sept 23, 2005
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CABRAL, Frank J. Warwick, RI September 4th, 2007
CALLAHAN , Joseph James Woodbridge, VA September 6, 2013
CAMERER, Duane "Goob" Storm Lake, Iowa July 22, 1988
CAMPBELL, Craig Kent Co., MI August 29, 1987
CAMPBELL, Frank Stafford Stokes Road, Spring, Texas November 28, 2009
camera icon CAMPBELL, Wayne San Antonio, TX July 27, 2005
CAMPBELL, William I. "Willie" MD 27 (state bike route) Mt. Airy, Maryland November 25, 2016
camera icon CAPRIOLO, Fr. Victor Prairie Tr. and Hwy 151 bypassTaycheedah, Wisconsin Aug 24, 2012
camera icon CARLSON, Samantha Delta, Colorado August 14,2005
camera icon CARNEY, Jack Scottsdale, AZ October 19, 2005
camera icon CARP, Matthew Menifee, California 07/23/2014
camera icon CARROLL, Roger M. Unincorporated Sutter Co., California April 8, 2023
camera icon CARROLL, Sam Buffalo Gap, Texas August 6, 2015
camera icon CARVER, Tyler Allen Elkhart, IN 9-5-20
CASEY, Laura Richmond, CA December 27, 2008
camera icon CASEY, Sean Michael Mesa, AZ September 23, 2005
camera icon CASSIDY, Dr. David US 68 in Bourbon county, Kentucky April 18, 2016
CASTANEDA, Elena Oakland, CA 8/9/2007
CATO, Gavin NYC, NY April 1997
CAURANT, Patrick Contra Costa Co., CA July 1, 2006
CESAR BAENA, Mario Curitiba - Paraná , Brazil May 25, 2011
camera icon CHAN, Ken Plano, Texas Sept 2, 2017
camera icon CHAPMAN, John Durham Rd. / Rt. 413, Plumstead Twp., PA May 28, 2011
CHAPMAN, Sarah Technology Drive, Research Park, Huntsville, AL September 15, 2008
CHATMAN, Terry Lee Sunnyside, Houston, TX April 23, 2015
camera icon CHELIUS, JR., James F. Daniels Pkwy at Cross Creek, Ft. Myers, Florida May 4, 2014
CHENG, Kim Tseung Kwan O,
Sai Kung District, Hong Kong
May 6, 2007
CHENG, Sui Lin Tin Shiu Wai,
Yuen Long District, Hong Kong
May 10, 2005
camera icon CHIU HSIU-HON, Brendan Hong Kong, China November 6, 2005
camera icon CHO, Eunjey Michael Grand Junction, CO September 18th, 2013
camera icon CHRISTENSEN, Russell Lee Gilbert, AZ May 7, 2006
CHU, Jim Lee Boise, ID May 19, 2009
CIFELLI, Stephen D. Franklin, Washington Twp., NJ June 21, 2021
camera icon CLARKE, Lloyd W. Incline Village, NV Sept. 20, 2007
camera icon CLAYTON, Jennifer Testa New Windsor, Maryland August 17, 2006
CLEMENTS, Richard Key West, FL 4/27/2009
camera icon CLIMIS, Brian "Buzz" Bridgeport Ave., Shelton, CT Dec. 23, 2015
CLOUGH, Ben Austin, TX 10/02/98
camera icon CLOUGH, Jake Prairie Village, KS February 24th, 2005
camera icon CLUNIS, Alden Temple Hall, St. Andrew, , Jamaica West Indies 10 April 2008
COATS, Eliyah Okemos, MI March 11, 2010
camera icon COBURN, Miles Newbury, OH 08/16/2008
COCKRILL, Kenneth Bruton Rd, just S. of Buckner Blvd., ALVORD, Texas May 30, 1993
camera icon COHEN, Aaron E. Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL February 15, 2012
camera icon COLE, Mathew "Maddy" Melbourne, Australia January 22, 2005
camera icon COLLETTI, Lt. Aaron Canandaigua, New York June 11, 2020
COLLINS, Kevin Port Huron Township, MI May 26, 2014
COLLINS JR., Leroy S. Hyde Park Ave. at Brorein St, Tampa, FL 29 July 2010
camera icon COOPER, Bernard R. Moorpark, Ventura Co., California February 21, 2013
COOPER, Christopher Independence, MO November 8, 2007
CORBIN, Tracey Alum Creek Dr. & Watkins Rd., Columbus, OH August 21, 2008
camera icon CORLISS, Bill Saratoga Springs, UT March 25, 2006
camera icon CORRICK, Dan Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom February 02, 2022
COSTA, Edward Alpine, CA December 2, 2008
camera icon COURT, Matthew intersection of Univ Ave. & Ridge St., Madiso, WI July 13, 2015
CRAIG, Brian 2901 North Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana November 11, 2011
camera icon CRAM, Peter Corner of Queen St. W at Dufferin St, Canada September 7, 2012
camera icon CRANSHAW, Bill Searcy, Arkansas May 16, 2011
CRAWFORD, Corinne Walnut Creek, CA June 24, 2007
camera icon CRAWFORD, Harry Robert Okaloosa Island US Highway 98 Fort Walton Bea, Florida April 8, 2012 (Easte
CRONEN JR., George Chips On a Bridge in Louisville, Ky July 3, 2007
CROSBY, Robert F. Fort Mill, SC April 7, 2000
CROSS, Bambe L. Hopewell, NJ 5/21/99
camera icon CROW, Douglas 700 West 600 South, Provo, UT February 15, 2013
CROWLEY, Tom Keizer, OR June 3, 1989
camera icon CROWLEY JR., Dr. William on US-23 near Piketon, OH May 11, 2008
camera icon CUMMINGS, Susan Montague Township, MI 8/8/15
CUNNINGHAM, Trish Riva, Maryland August 21, 2013
camera icon CUREATZ, Collin Canmore, Alberta, CANADA June 29th, 2007
camera icon CURNOE, Greg Highway 2, just outside Delaware, Ontario, Canada November 14, 1992
camera icon CYBYSKE, Lynne Elizabeth Northfield, MN August 2, 2000
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DALKE, Douglas Saltillo Rd & S. 54th St., Lincoln, Nebraska September 22, 2014
camera icon DALRYMPLE, Tim Wolcott, Colorado July 26, 1988
DAMBRO, Jerome "Jerry" Leesburg, FL November 5, 2004
camera icon DANESHVAR, Bahram Fredricksburg, TX February 3, 2005
camera icon DAO, Tony Pearland, TX February 11, 2006
camera icon DARE-GENTILE, Michael Route 40 and New York Ave., Hamilton Twp., At, NJ October 4, 2016
DAVID, Lance Seattle, WA May 1st, 2013
camera icon DAVIS, Anne Idaho Falls, Idaho 7/13/16
camera icon DAVIS, Chris Austin, , Texas September 28, 2008
DAVIS, Christopher Austin, Texas September 28, 2008
DAVIS JR., Myles W. Lincoln, Nebraska 4-6-09
DAWKINS, Evertt C. Anaheim, CA August 22, 2006
DE WOLF, Stacie Missoula, MT April 19, 2007
camera icon DEAN, Greg Grapevine, TX July 22, 2007
DECHAU, Jonathan Lima, NY September 13, 2006
DEIN, Jim Monte Sereno, CA February 21, 2004
DERR, Jim Lancaster County, NE Apr. 29, 2003
camera icon DESANTIS, Gary Plymouth, MN May 19, 2010
camera icon DESCHAMPS, Christine Rougemont, Quebec, Canada May 14, 2010
DETERMAN, Ron San Diego, CA July 1, 2007
camera icon DEVOS, Ernie Nokomis, FL March 5, 2005
DIAS, Jesus Sydney Dover Rd. near Downing St., Dover, FL Dec. 25, 2011
DIAZ, Bergen Easthampton, MA August 7, 1995
camera icon DIMARTINO, Richard Hauppauge, NY October 27, 1990
DINN, Michael St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada 23 June 2009
DOHERTY, Terence Boulder, CO 7/22/12
camera icon DOMBECKY, Curt M-43 near Jefferson Hwy, Grand Ledge, Michigan July 15, 2012
DOMINION, Scott "Yoga Bare" Gainesville, FL May 7, 2007
camera icon DOOLITTLE, III, R. D. "Trey" River Road, Wilmington, NC 04/03/2011
camera icon DOOLITTLE, JR, R. David River Road, Wilmington, NC 04/03/2011
DORGAN, Joan Doyle Pearland, Texas November 12, 2010
camera icon DRAUGALIS, Dave Cedar Springs, Michigan 08/21/16
camera icon DRIGGERS, Charles Cannonsburg Township, Michigan 08/26/2016
camera icon DRYDEN, Matthew "Matt" Lower Hutt, New Zealand June 24, 2005
camera icon DU TOIT, Roger Wrentham Plc. & Roxborough St. E., Toronto, Ontario, CA May 19, 2015
camera icon DUDLEY, Gary E. south of Perryville, on State Rd. 63, Indiana August 22, 2006
DUFOUR, George Windsor, Ontario (Jefferson Avenue and Tecums, CANADA August 9, 2004
camera icon DUHAMEL, Lyn Rougemont, Quebec, Canada May 14, 2010
camera icon DUMM, Dennis Brett Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN May 20, 2009
DUNMAN, Michael J. Salt Lake City, UT July 17, 2000
camera icon DUNN, Jeff Darien, GA 4/26/2012
DURAN, Dondi Midland, Wall Street & Clark, TX June 2, 2010
DUSENBURY, Jeff Anchorage, AK July 19, 2014
DYALS, Joseph Near Bruce B. Downs Blvd & Bearss Ave., Tampa, FL 9 Sep 2010
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EADE, Noel Invercargill, , New Zealand 17 November 2008
camera icon EAGLESON, Shaun Crystal Cove, California 10-19-2014
camera icon EDMONDS, Matt SH51/S 165th W. Ave., Sand Springs, OK 9 June 2009
camera icon EDWARDS, Joey Warrington, PA 10/13/2018
EGUIA, Bernardo L. Abilene, Texas April 3, 2010
EIKENBURG, David Seguin, TX July 11, 2005
EISENHAUER, Jill Rural Tecumseh (Hwy 50), Nebraska August 4, 1997
camera icon EL-SHAZLY, Dr. Hossam Trinity Beach roundabout, Cairns, Queensland, Australia January 17, 2009
camera icon ELLIS, Casey Abilene, Texas November 24, 2016
camera icon ENLOE, Tasha Amarillo, TX May 26, 2008
camera icon ENRIQUEZ, Cliff Percy Aruba July 31, 2002
camera icon EPLEY, Chad Oklahoma City, OK March 21, 2019
camera icon ERMIN, Kevser Highway 314 (Old Sardis Rd.), Oxford, Mississippi October 7, 2011
camera icon ESPOSITO, Jeff Jacksonville, FL September 29, 2005
camera icon ESPOSITO, Richard Gilbert and 8th Mesa, Arizona December 19, 2014
ESTEVES, Rogério Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil December 13, 2011
camera icon ETHRIDGE, Chris Boulder, CO October 23, 2001
camera icon EVANS, Duane Carrollton, Texas July 7, 2012
EVART, Elizabeth Saratoga, CA December 4, 2003
camera icon EWING, Greg Oceanside, CA May 12, 2004
camera icon EXCELL, Adam Avenue & Davenport Roads, Toronto, Ontario, CA June 13, 2015
EYRE, Des Upper Hutt, North Island,, New Zealand 19 June 2009
camera icon EZELL, Wayne Pacific Junction, IA July 24, 2016
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camera icon FABECK, Tyler Logan & Western, Chicago, IL April 20, 2008
FAIRBANKS, Alan Robert Rotterdam, NY November 28, 2006
camera icon FALBO, Sidney Stony Point Rd near Hwy 12 offramp, Santa Rosa, California Oct. 30, 2018
FALKNER, Highly Pecos Road, Phoenix, AZ November 12, 2014
camera icon FANG, Andrew Los Angeles, California May 5, 2015
camera icon FAUERBY, John Calvert County, MD 10/31/15
camera icon FEATHERMAN, Jerome Green Valley - Desert Bell Road, AZ September 3, 2009
camera icon FENNELL, Hope Birmingham, England November 7, 2011
camera icon FERBER, Jeff Silverthorne, CO May 24, 2004
FETTIG-VORA, Patricia Wayland Twp., MI March 29, 2005
camera icon FEVIG-HUGHES, Melissa Ann N. Westnedge Ave @ Markin Glen Pk, Kalamazoo, MI June 7, 2016
camera icon FIFE, Nathan Abilene, Texas Sept 26, 2014
camera icon FILEPP, Ronald Tabernacle, NJ November 11, 2016
FINCH, Bruce Morgan Hill, CA October 5, 2008
FINCHER, Sidney FM 2657 Kempner, Texas 5/27/2020
camera icon FINNEREN, Ralph Orion Township, MI July 29, 2011
camera icon FINNEY, Dustin 85th Ave. and Division, Portland, OR 8/12/11
camera icon FISHER, Dillon Peoria Heights, IL November 13, 2014
FITZGERALD, Steve Lower Hutt, North Island, New Zealand 19 June 2009
camera icon FLANAGAN, Tom Lookout Mountain, Golden, CO 08/21/2015
FLANNERY, Judy Montgomery Co., MD April 2, 1997
camera icon FLOCK, Kevin U.S. 460 near Blackstone, VA May 31, 2009
camera icon FLOYD, Eric H. Springfield, Missouri 10/23/2012
camera icon FLYNN, Doug M. County 15, east of Somerton Ave., Somerton, AZ 9/24/2009
FOGELBERG, James Fort Collins, CO 10/8/13
camera icon FOLLENDER, Dr. Alan B Taylor Valley Road in Temple, TX April 2000
FORBES, Ronald Milwaukee, WI August 12, 2012
camera icon FOSTER, Richard Rt 55 Clayton, NJ 04/06/1990
camera icon FOX, Benjamin Parkville Station Rd., W. Deptford Twp., NJ 6/20/14
camera icon FRANKEL, Kurt Highway 98, Walton Co., FL July 2, 2011
camera icon FRANKLIN, Joseph Roxbury Township, NJ May 9th, 2016
FRENCH, Orlando Molalla, Oregon May 20, 2011
camera icon FRERER, John Paul Hwy 6 near Thaxton Community in Pontotoc Co, MS August 13, 2009
camera icon FRETZ, Jay S. McClintock Dr. & E. Alameda Dr., Tempe, AZ May 17, 2010
FRONAPFEL, Steven P. Howard Co., MD June 30, 2004
FRUCHTER, Rachel Prospect Park, NY July, 1997
camera icon FURNISS, Larry Housel Craft Road, Bristolville, Ohio July 24, 2010
camera icon FUTRELL, Jennifer "Calico" Louisville, Kentucky Sept 30, 2008
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GADDINI, Rev. Bob Rancho Mirage, CA December 15, 2003
GAIVORONSKI, Alexander Viktorovich County Road 31 near Davis, California 07/21/2008
camera icon GALEZNIAK, Julie Sykesville Rd., Chesterfield, NJ 12/4/21
camera icon GAMBLE, Jesse West Columbia, SC August 1, 2008
GARBARINO, David Hayward, CA 6/5/2009
camera icon GARCIA VENEGAS, Juan Pablo El Camino Real & Henderson, Sunnyvale, California 7/13/15
camera icon GARDINER, Bill Austin, TX November 17, 2000
camera icon GARDNER, Edwin Charleston, SC July 21, 2010
camera icon GARNER, Grant Albany, OR February 17, 2015
camera icon GARRETT, Russell W Broomall, PA July 15, 2010
camera icon GARZA, Israel R. Red Gate, TX March 29, 2014
camera icon GATES, James Fort Wayne, IN June 11, 2006
GATES, James Fort Wayne, Indiana June 11, 2006
camera icon GAUSE, Judy Rome (Nekoosa), Wisconsin 11/4/2015
camera icon GEHLING, Tom Cnr Unley Road and Cross Road, Adelaide, Australia October 26, 1994
GEHRING, Amy Cincinnati, OH July 23, 2006
GENERAZIO, Brian Rawsonville Rd. on Belleville, Ypsilanti Bord, MI September 19, 2008
camera icon GERRED, Susan Abilene, Beltway South & Bacacita Farms Rd., TX May 26, 2010
camera icon GERRED, Susan Abilene, Texas May 26, 2010
camera icon GIAMPAPA, Joseph Troy-Sidney Rd, near Loy Rd., Piqua, OH Mar 22, 2014
camera icon GIBLIN, Rachel Society Hill, SC September 16, 2006
GIBSON, Robert Fort Wayne, Indiana April 16, 2002
camera icon GILLETT, Amy Zeulenroda and Auma, Germany July 19, 2005
camera icon GILLON, Earl Hwy. 115 Mooresville, NC January 12, 2020
GIROD, Cary Raymond, WA July 9, 2009
camera icon GIST, April Abilene, Texas March 31, 2018
GLASS, Michael Sunnyvale, CA July 22, 2003
camera icon GLASSNER, Jim Montgomery, Alabama December 16, 2001
camera icon GLICKMAN, Gary Dallas, TX March 13, 2004
camera icon GLOVER, Matthew Fairbanks, Alaska October 13, 2022
GODINEZ, Kristina Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio June 10, 2011
camera icon GOLDSMITH, Debra Los Angeles, CA April 11, 2001
GOLIS, Cory Hopewell, NJ July 1998
camera icon GONZALES,JR., Yldefonso Midland, TX October 25, 1993
camera icon GOOCH, Gene Univ. Dr. near NC 87, Elon, NC April 3, 2009
camera icon GORMAN, Brad Tucson, AZ September 30, 1999
GOSCH, Shawn Allen Highway 7, west of Manson, Iowa June 20, 2014
camera icon GOUGH, Kristy Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, CA March 9, 2008
GOUGH, Kristy Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, California March 9, 2008
camera icon GOUGH JR., Nigel Toronto, ON, Canada Sept. 26, 2010
camera icon GRABER, Arden Brent Boulder, CO Jan.18th, 2009
camera icon GRAHN, Alan “Al” St. Paul, MN May 9, 2018
GRANTHAM, Kathy Beaumont, TX October 15, 2004
camera icon GRASER, Scott Hwy. 30, Multnomah Co., Oregon Jan. 12, 2019
GRATKE, Gretchen Elizabeth Roseburg, OR January 6, 1967
camera icon GREAVES , John F. Contra Costa Co., Danville , CA June 26, 2009
camera icon GREEN, Forrest "Fess" Radford, VA April 23, 2008
camera icon GREEN, Jamie Alabama 207, Anderson, Alabama September 1, 2014
GREEN, Jeff Valparaiso, IN July 8, 1989
camera icon GREEN II, Craig J Lake City, Pennsylvania August 25, 1991
camera icon GREGORY, Ben New Orleans, Louisiana July 6, 2015
camera icon GRGURICH, Mark Cumming, Iowa Aug 30, 2009
GRIBB, M.D., Jeffrey Santa Barbara, California May 10, 2002
GRIMM, Robert L. Columbus, Ohio 12-30-2012
camera icon GROOTERS, Roger W. Ebro, (Hwy 20), FL October 6, 2010
camera icon GROVES, Steve Lexington, MA March 27, 2006
GUANTE-RAMIREZ, Francisco Broadway Ave. & Lakewood Dr., Tampa, FL July 27, 2010
GUMBERGER, George Sour Lake, TX March 4, 2012
GüNDüZ, Umut Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey July 15th, 2020
camera icon GYGAX, Sue Chelan, WA August 28, 2005
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camera icon HAEZEBROUCK, Cheryl Huron Shore Rd., Cheboygan, MI Aug. 29, 1972
camera icon HAGEMAN, Esther Natchez Trace Parkway near Houston, MS April 22, 2009
HALE, Andrew Los Gatos, CA February 27, 2008
HALL, David Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand 17 March 2009
camera icon HALL, Mike Monaro Hwy & Williamsdale Rd, outskirts of Canberr, Australia 31 March 2017
HALL, Samuel Benjamin Kane Creek Road in Moab, Utah April 25, 2004
HAMILTON, Jennie rural Porter County, WI August 7, 2006
HAMLIN, Kenneth U.S. Hwy 41 near Crystal Lake Rd., Lutz, FL March 18, 2012
camera icon HAMMAR, David Rt. 513 Long Valley, NJ 9/26/2006
camera icon HANSON, Kris A. Oneida, WI August 1, 2011
HARBECK, Dr. John Clayton North on E. 15th Rd., Ottawa, Illinois October 11, 2011
HARDIE, Matt Spokane, WA December 14th, 2010
HARLAN, Jarrod Allen Lewisville, TX July 26, 1997
HARRINGTON, John Milwaukee, WI May 27, 2004
HARRIS, Butch Fort Wayne, Indiana October 14, 2002
HARRISON, David Enid, Ok 4-29-08
camera icon HARRISON, Jeff East Haven, CT 07/30/12
camera icon HART, Allison Washington, DC September 13, 2021
camera icon HARTLINE, Lynn Gilbert, AZ May 17th, 2014
camera icon HASLAM, Janina "Jina" Lamoine, ME June 20, 2005
camera icon HASSAN, Phyllis Granbury, TX May 8, 2004
camera icon HASSIAK, Donald DANBURY, CT June 3, 2010
HATT, Craig Mile Hill Dr. east of California Ave., Kitsap, WA 2007-9-8
camera icon HAVERLAND, Nicholas Ventura, California May 11, 2011
HAWKINS, Charles Bald Hill Rd. (RI-2), Warwick, RI July 18th, 2015
camera icon HAWKINSON, David Grandin, ND June 21, 2014
camera icon HAYDA, Pavlo 1900 East Oakton St., Des Plaines, IL September 4, 2007
camera icon HEALY, Jim Auberry Road, Fresno, California March 5, 2013
HEBELER, Robert Edward Santa Cruz Co., CA August 11, 2006
camera icon HELFRICH, Josh Erlanger, KY September 16, 2004
HEMME, Bob Pensacola, FL 4/5/2013
HENDRICKS, Don Fullerton, CA February 8, 1989
camera icon HENNING, Kelsie Pleasant & Washington Sts, Ionia, MI May 25, 2010
camera icon HENRY, Charles "Chip" Geauga County, Ohio May 23, 2011
HERNANDEZ, David Westminster, CO 6/8/13
camera icon HERNANDEZ, Phillip Simi Valley, California 8/31/2005
HERNANDO, Jose Seattle, WA July 24, 2009
camera icon HERNDON, Randy Valmont & 75th, Boulder, Colorado 8/13/2013
HERRELL, Jeffrey Roselle Rd (Central & Algonquin Rds), Schaumb, IL 12/04/2008
HERSH, Daniel Wayne Virginia Beach, VA April 19. 2009
camera icon HERYER, Mark 500 block of Market St., San Francisco, California October 11, 2015
camera icon HESLIN, Thomas Patrick "Doc" Severna Park, Maryland July 17, 2013
camera icon HETTIG, Fred Green Valley, AZ March 22, 2006
camera icon HEUER, Virginia Summit and Snelling Avenues, Twin Cities, MN September 27, 2008
camera icon HEYNS, Mario Gulf Harbour, New Zealand September 25, 2006
camera icon HICKS, Paige Vetal, South Dakota July 20, 2010
camera icon HIGDON, Jane Eugene, OR May 31, 2006
camera icon HIGGINS, Paula Lee Albuquerque, NM July 17, 2006
HIGLEY, Kirsten West Chester, Pennsylvania January 21, 2013
HINES, David D. Karl Road, south of Cottonwood Drive, Columbu, OH February 2, 2009
camera icon HIPP, Dwight Route 109, New Milford, CT August 23, 2014
camera icon HOFFMAN, Brenda Zanesville, Ohio 4-23-15
HOFSTETTER, Adam Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada May 20, 2010
camera icon HOGUE, Broderick Ade’ Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois October 29, 2021
HOLDEN, Constance Washington, DC 12 April 2010
camera icon HOLDINESS, Dr. Gary Natchez Trace Parkway, 3 miles S of the Kosci, MS May 6th, 2012
camera icon HOLMBECK, Matthew Jerome Burnsville, MN August 3, 1988
HOOD, John Houston, TX May 3, 2001
camera icon HOOKER, Gerald Banks Mill Rd., Aiken, SC February 5, 2012
camera icon HORAL, Dan Brighton, MI 04/24/19
camera icon HORTON, Cory Memphis, TN May 10, 2005
camera icon HOSKINS, Tom Lancaster County on Highway 521, Charlotte, SC October 21, 2007
camera icon HOUSTON, Dustin A. Kenner, Louisiana November 27, 2011
HOWLAND, Ray Mt. Dora, FL October 18, 1998
camera icon HOWREY, Eugene Philip Lefthand Canyon Rd at Olde Stage Rd, Boulder, Colorado June 17, 2011
HUBBARD, Sarah Meridian, ID October 19, 2007
camera icon HUISH, Lt. Robert D. Jacksonville, Florida Nov. 28, 2010
camera icon HULBERT, Kelly Boyce Traverse City, MI 7/5/13
HUMPHREYS, Charles Farmers Branch, Tx October 16, 2004
HUNT, Eric M. Boston, MA April 7, 2010
camera icon HUNT, Robert Bend, Oregon 10-09-2010
camera icon HUSSEY, Ronald Moore County, NC 10/17/17
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IMBRIE, Kate Boca Grande, Florida March 13, 2018
INGLIS, Ben Durango, CO July 1, 2006
IREY, Mike Wells County, PA 06/29/2005
camera icon IRIZARRY, Jonathan Flint, Texas June 24, 2008
ISHIZUKA, Dr. Kayoko "Kay" Bruce B. Downs Blvd in the bike lane by Univ., FL Sept. 25 2010
camera icon ISOM, David Amarillo, Texas January 5, 2012
camera icon IZQUIERDO, Daniella Six Gap, Dahlonega, Georgia September 28, 2008
camera icon IZUKA, Vernon Honolulu, HI September 22, 2002
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camera icon JACKSON, Jesse "Jay" Princeville, IL February 28, 2006
camera icon JACOBS, Curtis Alan Holland, Michigan June 28, 2009
JACOBS, Hoyt 41st Ave. from Vernon Blvd, NYC, NY January 17, 2015
JACOBS, Sherri West Des Moines, Iowa 4/1/1999
camera icon JANES, Kirk Folsom & Steiner, San Francisco, CA May 21,2008
camera icon JANICIK, Sean 2500 Block Sheppard Access Rd, WICHITA FALLS, Texas OCT 2 2008
JAROLIMEK, Brett Portland, OR October 22, 2007
camera icon JARVIS, Cecil Lewis Co., WV May 22, 2007
JENNER, David U.S. Hwy 41 & Mottie Rd., Gibsonton, FL April 30, 2012
camera icon JENNINGS, Mark "SARGE" Springfield, Illinois 9-29-07
camera icon JENSEN, Marilyn Weston, OR August 10, 2005
camera icon JENSEN, Robin Corvallis, OR August 11, 2004
JERICHO, Jerome Martinique January 3, 2008
camera icon JOHNSEN, Scott Fort Myers, FL Sept. 28, 2014
camera icon JOHNSON, Allen Tucson, AZ March 10, 2009
camera icon JOHNSON, Anthony Daniel I-80 and Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah 10/28/2015
JOHNSON, Carol Birmingham, Alabama June 2, 2002
camera icon JOHNSON, Karen Magna, Utah October 19, 2010
JOHNSON, LaNeve Yvonne 7 Mile Lane & 3 Lakes Rd., Albany, Oregon 08/18/07
camera icon JOHNSTON, James Omaha, Nebraska 03/13/14
JONES, Blix Loudon County, VA August 25, 2003
JONES, Brian Albuquerque, NM 4/24/89
JONES, Hubert Gaylon Midland, I-20 Service Road, TX June 15, 2010
camera icon JONES, Larry "Jonesy" Ivy Road, Oronogo, MO July 17, 2010
JOYAL, Michael Larkspur, CO 4/22/12
JUAREZ, David Renton, WA October 13, 1994
JUAREZ, Edgar “E.J.” Colorado Springs, CO August 6th, 2008
camera icon JULIENNE, Sandy Culver / Irvine, California September 15th 2007
JURGENS, Michael Bloomingdale Ave. & Hurley Rd., Brandon, FL June 7, 2010
JUST, Howard Elizabethtown, KY June 28, 2000
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camera icon KACZOR, Peter J. Granger, IN August 28, 2008
KALAN, Michael Washington County, OR September 15, 2006
KAM, Ho Wah Yuen Long,
Yuen Long District, Hong Kong
January 31, 2007
KAMINITZ, Elliot Memorial Dr., Newport, RI June 19th, 2012
camera icon KANG, Peter (Zhi Yong) Finch Ave. West & Tobermory Dr., Toronto, Ontario, CA June 11, 2015
KANNIAINEN, Paul H. Vernon, NY June 21, 2001
KARL-CANNON, Gelsiegh Cherry Creek, CO 11/6/12
camera icon KATZ, Mike Creve Coeur, MO July 25, 2005
camera icon KATZENSTEIN, Lauren Homestead, FL April 26, 2003
KAUTZKY, Erick Sherwood, OR June 18, 2005
camera icon KAZLAUSKY, Michelle Corner of state routes 180 and 374, Hocking C, OH 8/21/10
KEEFE, Kyle Canon City, CO 9/25/12
camera icon KEEL, CATHLEEN Mississippi Highway 603, Bay St. Louis, MS March 15th, 2012
camera icon KEEN, Rusty State Road 60 & Valrico Rd., Valrico, FL Sept. 10, 2011
camera icon KELLER, Frank Ormond Beach, FL 06/29/2014
camera icon KELLY, Matt Flagstaff, AZ April 5, 2005
KENAGY, Eric Yake CR 45, Goshen, IN August 8, 1986
camera icon KENNEDY, Brian Lagrange, OH September, 2005
camera icon KENNEDY, Jay Tempe, AZ April 11, 2015
camera icon KENT, Hal R. Hwy 26, Poplarville, Pearl River Co., MS January 31, 2011
KERR, Alan Mosgiel, South Island, New Zealand 30 June 2009
KERR, J. Chris Barron, WI August 18, 1999
camera icon KERR, Jim Plano, TX November 8, 2001
KHANNA, Arjun Austin, TX August 26, 2006
KIENZLE, Kenneth Lakewood, CO 8/22/12
camera icon KIFER, Ken Scottsboro, AL September 14, 2003
KILROY, Jayson Colorado Springs, CO August 6th, 2008
KING, Robert Paul Newberry Rd east of NW 298th St, Newberry, FL 3/30/2011
KIRACHE, Demétrius Curitiba - Paraná, Brazil Feb 09, 2012
camera icon KIRBY, Clare Louise Maricopa County, Arizona 4/3/13
camera icon KIRBY, Jay Lewes, DE Sept. 11 2019
KIRKWOOD, Christy Orange Co., CA November 28, 2006
camera icon KISLAYA, Nastya Kondratyevskiy Ave., St. Petersburg, Russia August 30, 2017
camera icon KLEINPELL HENAULT, Tracey Anne SANIBEL ISLAND BRIDGE, Florida MAY 7, 2011
camera icon KLING, John Emerson Bangkok, Thailand June 5, 1999
KNAPP, Christopher Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, California March 9, 2008
camera icon KNAPP, ASST COACH, NY JETS FOO, Greg San Ramon, CA 7/22/2021
camera icon KNILANS, Richard Randall (Randy) Lake Rd, Avon Lk., Ohio 6-6-19
KNOPP, Jeffrey Foothill Blvd, Wentworth St & Foothill (210) , CA Nov. 01, 2016
camera icon KOECHLIN, Robert Jr. Trukee/Lake Tahoe, CA 11/24/12
camera icon KOJIMA, Jun Mendon, MI April 24, 2008
camera icon KORNER, Joseph W. (Jay) Lincoln, Addison & Ravenswood, Chicago, IL September 27, 2014
camera icon KORNFIELD, Scott Boulder, CO May 30, 2005
camera icon KOWALSKI, Joann Erie, PA May 2, 2013
KRACH, Gary Avon, OH 07/21/2007
KRASNOPOLER, Nathan W. Univ. Pkwy, Baltimore, MD Feb. 26, 2011
camera icon KRILE, Caleb Lee Oskaloosa, IA October 7, 2004
camera icon KRIVY, Colin Stuart Calgary, Alberta, Canada July 11, 2004
camera icon KRONE, Cecy San Rafael, CA September 4, 1999
camera icon KUALKOWSKI, Bohdan T. Boalsburg, PA March 22, 2006
KULP, Charles Indianapolis, IN June 30, 2004
camera icon KURTY, John Western Ave., Westfield, Massachusetts Nov 6, 2012
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LADD, Douglas A. US 23 in Monroe Co., Dundee, MI 3/19/10
camera icon LAGATTOLLA, Laraine Cleveland, TX April 13, 2006
camera icon LAIRD, Dana Cambridge, MA July 2, 2002
LAKE, Derek New York, NY June 26, 2006
LAM, Man Chung Yuen Long,
Yuen Long District, Hong Kong
October 13, 2005
camera icon LAMB, John Atlanta, GA Feb 15, 2006
LAMBERT, James Snowville and Dewey Roads, Brecksville, Ohio September 17, 2015
camera icon LAMBERT, R. Mitch (Dr.) Lynn Road in Rootstown, Ohio July 24, 2019
LAMBRIGHT, Leland 6800 West 200S, Lagrange Co., Indiana September 22, 2014
camera icon LANGERGAARD, James NYC, NY Aug. 2009
LANZAS, Luis Republic of Panama 2007
camera icon LARABEE, Dave Toledo, OH September 2, 2005
camera icon LARSEN, Travis Raymond Austin, Texas 8-26-2020
camera icon LAVEN, Joshua Raine Santa Cruz, CA May 3 2012
LAVICK, Gloria Gig Harbor, WA July 5th, 2007
camera icon LE BLANC, Edouard Gatineau Hydro Corridor, Toronto, Ontario, CA Oct. 9, 2014
LEBRON JR., Bryan S. Dale Mabry Hwy/Bay Ave., Tampa, FL January 27, 2010
LECANNE, Christophe Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL January 17, 2010
camera icon LEDENT, Robert "Mike" Belleview, NE October 18, 2005
camera icon LEMBKE, Bryan John Long Beach, California Nov. 7th, 2018
LEMIRE, Garrett Paul Ojai, CA March 15, 2003
camera icon LEMKE, Alyce Muskegon, Mi Sept. 23, 2009
camera icon LENNON, Bob Miller-Paul Rd, Delaware Co., OH Sept. 15, 2013
LEON, Tami Cincinnati, OH October 2, 2006
LEPKOWSKI, Tommy French Creek, NY September 6, 1971
camera icon LESSIO, Sara Brookline, MA 11/23/2000
camera icon LESTER, Albert B. Fulton Co., NY June 7, 1992
camera icon LESUEUR, Billy Columbus, OH May 2, 1985
LEUNG, Lap Ming Kowloon City,
Kowloon City District, Hong Kong
November 19, 2006
LEUNG, Yiu Cho Yuen Long,
Yuen Long District, Hong Kong
April 2, 2007
camera icon LEVITAN, Merritt Arkansas July 2, 2013
LEWIS, Bret Beaverton, OR February 12, 2011
LEWIS, Bryce Seattle, WA Sept. 7, 2007
camera icon LEWIS, Taylor Allen Oskaloosa, IA October 7, 2004
camera icon LILLIG, Chris Iowa City, Iowa 3/23/1996
LIN, Kin Wah Lok Ma Chau,
Yuen Long District, Hong Kong
November 25, 2005
camera icon LIND, Richard Mason City, Iowa July 12, 2008
camera icon LITTLE, Adam Kannapolis, North Carolina 3/17/10
camera icon LITTMANN, Jeffrey Michael Waukesha County, Wisconsin October 1, 2010
LIU, Alan Oakmont, CA April 11, 2004
LIU, Yanwen Fremont Ave and Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 4/27/15
LIVESAY, Sean Niceville, FL September 4, 2007
camera icon LIVINGSTON, Jepson Chicago, IL 12/15/2009
camera icon LIVINGSTON, Wade Coppell, Texas January 11, 2016
camera icon LOOSER, Mary Sowers Middle Point, Van Wert Co., Ohio July 31, 2020
LOPEZ, Francisco “Willie” Road 99, Davis, California October 2007
camera icon LORENTZ, Joseph D. "Joey" Wyoming, MI April 21, 2007
camera icon LUNDGREN, Bob SR 118 N, Coldwater , Ohio 8-3-1991
LUSCHER, Linnea Boulder, CO June 26, 2006
LYAGER, Eric Hillsboro, OR July 11, 2006
L’ECUYER, Paul Old Spanish Trail, Tucson, Arizona Dec. 1, 2006
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MACíAS, Carlos Murcia, Spain 24 Aug 2013
camera icon MACK, Terrance Allan Nolanville, TX May 1, 2012
camera icon MADDOX, Thomas Skylonda, CA July 15, 2006
MADDOX, Tom Woodside, CA July 12, 2006
MADRICK, Laura Beth Oakland Hills, California 7/12/96
camera icon MAGUIRE, Danny Manhattan Beach, CA May 18, 2008
MAHER, Brian J. Charlotte, NC October 26, 2002
camera icon MAHONEY, Jordan Alycia Flagstaff, AZ September 9, 2012
camera icon MAJEWSKI, Brandon Lake Simcoe, Alcona, Ontario, Canada October 2012
camera icon MAKI, michael jon thousand oaks, CA 10/13/2008
camera icon MAKOWSKI, Pete Las Vegas, Nevada 6/19/2013
MALIZIO, Andrew Gerard Gaithersburg, Maryland November 24, 2014
camera icon MALOTT, Kevin Highway 17, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada September 10, 2012
MALZBENDER, Amy Palo Alto, CA January 28, 2003
camera icon MANGER-LYNCH, Matthew Lincoln/Irving/Damen, Chicago, IL Feb. 24, 2008
camera icon MANKO, Roman Solina Rd & Bloor St, Clarington , Ontario, Canada April 5, 2015
MANNING, Jadrian Waterloo, IA September 3, 2010
camera icon MANOCCHIO, Norman Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada August 14, 2009
camera icon MANZ, Troy U.S. 1 in St. Augustine, FL Mar. 1, 2021
camera icon MARCOTTE, Charlotte Chelsea, MI July 30, 2005
camera icon MARTIN, Gary L. south of Perryville, on State Rd. 63, Indiana August 22, 2006
camera icon MARTIN SR., Larry M-6 Trail & Byron Center SW, Wyoming , MI July 9 2011
camera icon MARTINEZ, David Paseo Padre Pkwy and Tamayo St. near Isherwoo, CA January 21, 2013
MARTINEZ, Gabriel Joliet, IL May 16, 2003
camera icon MARTINEZ, Todd Summerfield, North Carolina 2/2/2014
camera icon MARTINEZ, JR., Anthony Oxnard, CA November 24, 2011
camera icon MARTINS, Jan Berlin, Germany May 19, 1994
camera icon MARTTINEN, Jacob Barrie, ON, Canada June 17, 2019
camera icon MARVIN, Mitchell Millard Richardson (2500 block of Lookout Dr), TX March 17, 2023
camera icon MASON, Dominic Newcastle, Australia 11th December 2007
MASON, Martha (Marty) P. N. Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City, UT June 4, 1988
MASSENGILL, Mary Wamplers Lake Road, Norvell Twp., MI Oct. 7, 2016
camera icon MATHERS, Nick Victoria, BC, Canada January 19, 2006
camera icon MATUSKA, Diane Ziegler Bartonville, IL April 8, 1986
camera icon MAUPIN, Elizabeth Canton, Haggerty Rd and Mich. Ave., MI 26 Jul 2011
MAXWELL, John A. Dallas Center, IA September 24, 2005
MAZZEI, Michelle Woodside, CA October 2, 2005
camera icon MCBRIDE, Joe Upper Makefield Twp, PA Nov. 5, 2010
camera icon MCCARTNEY, Damian E. Williamsport, PA June 24, 2007
camera icon MCCARTY, Shawn Scottsdale, AZ 3/11/2012
MCCLURKAN, Michael Bremerton, WA 2003-7-5
camera icon MCCLUSKEY, Donald W. Palm Springs, California April 18, 2012
MCCLUSKEY, James E. Patterson, CA August 10, 2008
MCCOMAS, Howard M. Oceanside, CA March 20, 2004
camera icon MCCONNELL, Diane Kavanagh Blvd and N. Van Buren St. Little Roc, AR Dec. 17, 2012
camera icon MCCUNE, Doug Rt. 31 and Payne Road in Clinton Twp., New Jersey July 16, 2011
MCDANIEL, Darrel Forest Grove, OR May 29, 2006
MCDANIEL, Sheryl Forest Grove, OR May 29, 2006
MCGEE, Cindy University of Illinois, IL November 4, 1983
MCGRAND-BENAKKI , Suzette 57th and Market St, Oakland , California December 3, 2011
camera icon MCGRINN, David Orlando, Florida July 27, 2019
camera icon MCHUGH, Charles (Chuck) Herbertsville Rd, Howell Twp, NJ March 12, 2014
camera icon MCKELLICK, Dorothy (Dotty) Rumford, Maine May 21, 2020
MCKINNIE, James Byram, MS June 30, 2005
camera icon MCLARTY, Brent DeLand, along Hwy 11, Florida August 24, 2011
MCMACKEN, Terry Ballard Bridge, Seattle, WA 2008-11-11
MCMENIGALL, Andrew Cornwall, UK July 2, 2013
camera icon MCMILLAN, Gary Winkler Rd, SW Fort Myers, FL 10/16/2021
MCQUIEN, Larry Fort Worth, TX Sept 26th, 2009
camera icon MEADE, Rebekah R Harrison Township, OH October 22, 2009
camera icon MEEK, David Chattanooga, TN march 6, 2009
camera icon MEJIA, Henry Toronto, off the 401 at the Kennedy s. bound , Canada April 13, 2013
MELNIKOFF, Joel Bethlehem, NY July 3, 2006
camera icon MENARD, Jeanne Greenville, SC October 24, 2005
camera icon MESNARD, Robert R. Mansfield, OH August 23, 2003
METTS, Todd U.S. 17 N of Darien, Georgia 4/26/2012
camera icon MICELI, Clint 900 block of N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL June 9, 2008
MICKEY, Bruce Chapel Hill, North Carolina 9/9/88
camera icon MIDDLETON, Calvin Grand Prairie, TX July 15, 2018
camera icon MIJIDDORJ, Urangua “Sisi” Drake & Iowa Intersection, Fort Collins, Colorado Aug. 20, 2009
MIKIC, Ben Mittagong, Southern Highlands, Australia 27 April 2007
camera icon MILES, Steve 1800 block of Greenwood Rd., McKinney, Texas Mar. 15, 2012
MILLER, Austin Beaverton, OR February 11, 2008
MILLER, Debra Stillwater, OK 8/15/2010
camera icon MILLER, Debra S. Stillwater, OK August 15, 2010
MILLER, Ivan Dormany Rd. & Red Hawk Ln., near Plant Cityf, FL April 17, 2012
camera icon MILLER, Joe Tarzana, CA July 5, 2007
MILLER, Marvin Gene Highland Park Way SW, Seattle, WA 2006-3-17
camera icon MILLER, Stan Gaithersburg, MD June 25, 2010
camera icon MILLER, DVM, Mark L. Leeds, AL December 15, 2021
MILLS, James Los Gatos, CA August 4, 2004
camera icon MINOR, David Eugene, OR June 2, 2008
MINOR, Monica Hutto, TX October 16, 1999
MIRENDA, Joseph V. Harrisonburg, Virginia 8/25/09
MITCHELL, Donald Eric Napa, CA November 10, 2010
camera icon MITCHELL, Dylan Columbia, SC September 2, 2005
camera icon MITCHELL, Dylan San Francisco, CA 5/23/13
camera icon MIURA, Kanako Boston, MA May 19, 2013
MONTANEZ, Tomas Luzerne St & Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 6-22-2018
camera icon MONTOYA, Dan Albuquerque, New Mexico 5/12/11
camera icon MOON, Keith W. Bend, Oregon Aug, 13, 2008
camera icon MOORHEAD, Robert La.Rt. 16, St. Helena Parish, LA April 19, 2011
MORA-VERAR, Benjamin Santa Cruz, CA May 18, 2007
MORALES, Jeimy Republic of Panama 2008
MORALES-ROJAS, Fabiola Lakewood, NJ May 26, 2011
MORAST JR., Robert Duff SPRING BRANCH, Fm 306, TX 3/11/08
MORENO, Dr. Juan Carlos Republic of Panama 2009
camera icon MORGAN, Andy New York, NY June 22, 2005
camera icon MORGAN, M. Bryan Marietta, Georgia July 4th, 2011
camera icon MORRISON, Jenna intersection of Dundas Street West at Sterlin, Canada November 7, 2011
camera icon MORTON, Nik Nicollet Mall and 5th St., Minneapolis, MN September 23, 2008
camera icon MOSES JR., Howard Outside of Rockwall (in Hunt Co.) on I-30 Eas, Texas 04/03/2000
MOSKOWITZ, David Quogue, New York June 21, 1997
camera icon MOSS, Lorna Rae Hull, Iowa September 4, 2021
MOSSMAN, Thomas Christopher Hwy 211 Molalla, Oregon 3/31/11
MOTSCH, Cookie Tipp City, OH April 14, 1999
camera icon MOTSENIGOS, Alexander WELLESLEY, MA Aug 24, 2012
camera icon MUNDELL, John Hwy 107 @ Miller's Point, Sherwood, AR July 18, 2019
camera icon MUNGIOLI, Anthony Arapaho and Greenville, Richardson, TX September 29, 2008
camera icon MURPHEY, Craig Brooklyn, NY October 18, 2007
MURPHY, Jason Aurora, CO 3/16/12
MURRELL, Michael U.S. Hwy 41 near Kracker Ave., Gibsonton, FL Feb. 18, 2012
MUSIC, Trent Wesley Columbus, Ohio Nov 16th, 2010
camera icon MYERS, Caple Harbour View, Kingston, Jamaica - West Indies 16th, July, 2011
camera icon MYSLIN, John Santa Cruz, CA 8/7/2007
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camera icon NACHT, Carl Henry New York, NY June 25, 2006
NAçU, Danielle Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada October 11, 2011
camera icon NALLS, Marcus Franklin Ave., Minneapolis , MN Feb. 4, 2014
camera icon NAQUIN, Chase Cyrus Judge Perez Drive at Deer Creek, Meraux, LA May 20, 2013
NAVARRE SR., Michael Francis N. Telegraph Rd., Monroe, MI 10/28/11
NELSON, Donald Ray Cooks Point, TX March 1, 2009 8:10 p
camera icon NELSON, Fred N. Westnedge Ave @ Markin Glen Pk, Kalamazoo, MI June 7, 2016
NETKE, Brett Summit, Highway 18, WI June 20, 2010
NEWTON, Johnny Carlos Midland -- SH 191 West of town, TX 4/8/2008
NGAI, Chun Sing Fanling,
Sheung Shui District, Hong Kong
November 13, 2006
camera icon NICKELL, Harry Highway 27 in Clermont, Florida November 21, 2010
NIEDBALEC, Dr. Robert Near intersection of 56th St. N. & E. Fletche, FL 13 FEBRUARY 2011
camera icon NISSER, Jimmy near Lake Calhoun, Twin Cities, MN September 11, 2008
NIX, David Manchester, New Hampshire July 18, 1999
camera icon NORMAN, Lesley Sauveterre, nr Lombez, Gers region, France 05/30/2011
camera icon NORRIS, Carin Marie Sulphur Springs Rd. Corvallis, Oregon November 3, 2012
camera icon NORTHCRAFT, James Olathe, KS July 15, 2005
NORWICK, Steve S. on Petaluma Hill Rd near E. Railroad Ave, Rohne, California June 8, 2012
NOTEBOOM, Duane "Duke" Bend, Oregon June 24, 2008
NOVOTNY, Joe Santa Clarita, CA July 11, 2009
camera icon NOWAK, Andrew Hwy 54 Casco, Wisconsin June 21, 2016
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camera icon O'CANAS, Elaine "Lainie" Mesa, AZ November 27, 2005
O'DONNELL, Timothy Washington Co., OR June 16, 2007
O'REILLY, Daniel Santa Rosa, CA April 19, 2004
camera icon O'SHAUGHNESSY, Kenneth 'K.C.' Riverside Dr, just east of Montcalm Ave., Ada, Michigan Aug. 1, 2011
camera icon OAKES, Rob North of Silver City, NM May 11, 2013
OCASIO, Blanca Armitage & Kedzie, Chicago, IL Sept. 11, 2007
ODA, Neil Saratoga, CA June 23, 2007
camera icon OLDAK, Stan Columbus, TX May 6, 2007
OLIAN, Ami Sydney, New South Wales, Australia April 1, 2007
camera icon OLIVEIRA DA ROSA, João Laurentino de Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 09/14/2013
camera icon OPPENHEIMER, Peter Weaverville, North Carolina September 3, 2014
OROZCO BOTERO, Jose de Jesus Medellin, Bogota, Colombia 6 september, 2012
camera icon ORTIZ, David San Diego, Balboa Ave. at Interstate 895, CA March 22, 2012
camera icon OSBORN, Robert Kansas City, MO November 20, 2005
OTAOLA, Omar Miami, Florida February 25th, 2006
OVERALL, Stanley Farmington, MO May 5, 2003
camera icon OZER, Sam PHILADELPHIA, PA June 21, 2020
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camera icon PADILLA, Elizabeth Kasulis Brooklyn, NY June 9, 2005
camera icon PAGELS, Jim Washington, D.C. April 9, 2021
camera icon PALERMO, Cesar Augusto LeMay Ave., North of Vine, Fort Collins, CO June 6, 2015
camera icon PALERMO, Thomas (Tom) Baltimore, Maryland December 27, 2014
camera icon PALMA, Michael P. Grand Rapids, MI June 1, 2002
camera icon PALOMARES-BECKLES, Joshua Winston-Salem, NC May 20th, 2006
camera icon PAPADIN, Valentin Abilene, Texas August 20, 2016
PARKE, Zackary Empire Grade Rd., Santa Cruz, CA June 8, 2011
camera icon PARKER, Jillian Trotwood, Ohio Aug. 29, 2020
PARKISON, Duane Shady Canyon Rd., Irvine, CA August 10, 2011
PATTERSON, Deborah Wamplers Lake Road, Norvell Twp., MI Oct. 7, 2016
camera icon PATTERSON, Gordon Vancouver, WA Sept. 15, 2009
camera icon PATTI, Christopher Guerneville, CA August 27, 2017
camera icon PAULIK, Lorenz N. Westnedge Ave & Markin Glen Pk, Kalamazoo, MI June 7, 2016
PAVLIS, Kevin Boise, ID June 11, 2009
camera icon PAYNE, Kendra Chiota Gibralter Rd., Santa Barbara, CA January 11, 2006
camera icon PECKHAM, John Eric Palo Alto, CA September 8, 2006
camera icon PECOR, Kevin J. West Springfield, MA January 13, 2003
PEDROZA, Alfredo Hernandez Silverado Tr near Yountville Cross Rd, Napa, California May 17, 2012
camera icon PEETE, William W. San Jose, California July 18, 2002
camera icon PEIRCE, Judy Bear Lake, UT June, 2001
PELLEGRINO, Michael Robert US 421 in Randolph Co., outside Liberty, NC Sept. 26, 2010
camera icon PENDLETON, Mark Port Costa, CA November 24, 2008
PENNY, Joshua Florence, Nova Scotia, Canada 26 September 2006
PENTA, Anthony U.S. Hwy 301 just north of S.R. 60, near Bran, FL Dec. 24, 2011
camera icon PEOPLES, Scott Merton, Victoria Australia December 15, 2006
PEREZ, Jose Albany, NY August 5, 2006
camera icon PERKINS, David Hardin Rd., Cedartown, Polk Co., GA September 1, 2014
PERRIER, William "Bill" C. Madrid, IA July 13, 2006
PETERS, Kevin L. Bethany Beach, DE August 1, 2002
camera icon PETERS, Kyle J County Road 34, Leamington, Windsor, ON, Canada August 31, 2010
camera icon PETERSON, Carmen Gainesville-Hawthorne Tr., Alachua Co, FL April 8, 2008
PETERSON, Dan Denver, CO 7/22/12
camera icon PETERSON, Matt Cupertino, CA 3/9/2008
PETERSON, Matt Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, California March 9, 2008
PETRY, William H. Canal Road north of Bunker Hwy, Eaton Rapids , MI August 24, 2009
camera icon PETTEMERIDIS, Nektarios Dali, Nicosia District, Cyprus 2/16/18
camera icon PETTIFER, Laura Mt Blackwood, Mackay, Qld., Australia 6 December 2008
camera icon PFARR, BOB FM 2499 near Harlington Dr., Highland Vlg, Texas January 7, 2013
PHILLIPS, Jordan Amarillo, TX March 18, 2007
camera icon PILOTTI, Joe Selma, Guadalupe County, Texas March 10th, 1999
PINCIKOWSKI, Tim Maple Road, Saline, MI July 28, 2009
camera icon POGGIOGALLE, Al Dutchess County, NY June 12, 2008
camera icon POOL, Cynthia Lander, WY June 9, 2009
POPE, Katherine Elizabeth Menlo Park, CA July 5, 2001
PORFILIO, Jenita Peterborough, Ontario, Canada August 2, 2006
PORTER, Victor Rodrigues Cranston St. W. End of Providence, RI May, 2009
camera icon POSSEHL, Jessie James River Rd., Perris, CA July 19, 2007
POTTER, Kimberly Bend, OR April 2007
camera icon POTTS, Daniel Silver City, NM January 14, 1999
POWELL, Andrew Corner of Broad St & Watchung Ave – Bloomfiel, NJ September 12, 1998
PRADO, Marcia São Paulo, Brazil 01/14/2009
PRANGE, Marcus Thornton, CO 3/10/13
PRATT, Jason Little Rock, AR August 6, 2005
camera icon PRAY, Andrew US Hwy 41, Cartersville, Georgia 11/22/2012
PRICE, Andrew Weisenberg, PA 7/31/2012
camera icon PRICE, Jim Highlands Ranch, CO November 25, 2005
camera icon PRINSEP, Charlie Alberta, Canada August 4, 2007
PROKOP, Debra Austin, TX May 20, 2001
camera icon PRUETT, Randy Fallbrook, CA 07/07/2012
PRZYCHODZEN, John Kirkland, WA July 22, 2011
PUGH, Aaron Joshua Clemson, SC July 12, 2003
camera icon PUMPHREY, David Reno, NV July 20, 2006
camera icon PURCELL, Richard Mokena, IL July 16, 2004
PUSCH, Mia State Highway 3, between Bulls & Whanganui, N, New Zealand 5 January 2010
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camera icon QUANE, Trish Riverside, IL August 23, 2005
camera icon QUINN, James M. Albuquerque, NM 9/15/07
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RAADGEVER, Carol near Rutherglen, , Victoria, Australia April 11th, 2009
RABE, Michael Dearborn Heights, MI May 2, 2003
camera icon RAHMAN, Asif NYC, NY February 2008
RAMOS, Luis Brooklyn, NY June 22, 2007
camera icon RANEY, Kimberly Cathedral City, CA March 17, 2007
camera icon RATLIFF, Hailey Novato, California September 27, 2012
camera icon RATLIFF, Paul Douglas Renton, WA December 12th, 2008
camera icon RAU, Richard "Rich" W. Jefferson County, WV May 27, 2005
camera icon RAVEN, Annet Aruba June 28, 1996
camera icon RAYMOND, Adam J. Dripping Springs, TX March 23, 2007
camera icon REHBERGER, Fred Kent, WA February 29, 2012
camera icon RENZ, Eric Puyallup, Washington December 10, 2014
REOCH, Mary Jane "miji" Dallas, TX September 11, 1993
REPKA, Ronald G. Fort Wayne, Arcola Road, IN September 18, 2001
camera icon REU, Heather Albuquerque, , NM June 22, 2009
camera icon REY, Sean Kevin Michael Phenix City, Alabama 04/02/2015
camera icon REYES, Ogniana Miami Dade, Florida 05/15/2022
REYES, Salome Quito, Ecuador 04/27/2012
REYNOLDS, Jeaneen Fowlerville, MI November 21, 2020
RIBEIRO, Antonio Chattanooga, TN 5/4/2013
RICE, Dorothy (Dottie) Route 434 Upstate, New York October 13, 2012
RICE, Samuel Omaha, Nebraska Sep 04, 2011
camera icon RICH, Albert Tucson, AZ July 3, 2013
RICHARDSON, Jens Leeston-Springston Road, Canterbury, New Zealand 6 August 2009
camera icon RICHEY, Michael Milnes Rd., Modesto, ca Sept. 30, 2008
camera icon RICKSON, Kathryn Leah Portland, Oregon 5/16/2012
RIKER, Gordon Boston, MA April 4, 2007
RINCON, Jose Luis Tucson, Arizona January 12, 2008
camera icon RIOS, Francisco Old Katy Road, Houston, Texas 28th of December 200
camera icon ROBB - AKA “BADBONES BRUCE”, Bruce Holly Hill, Florida 11/30/2010
ROBBINS, Jennifer Carters Gin Road, Huntsville, AL May 2, 2007
camera icon ROBERTS, Jamie Sadieville, KY June 13, 2014
camera icon ROBERTSON, Brad Grand Rapids, MI 7/12/2009
ROBERTSON, Chris San Francisco, CA November 17, 2000
ROBERTSON, Jane W. Steger Rd at S. Harlem Ave, Frankfort, Illinois April 26, 1989
ROBERTSON, William Blount County, Alabama Aug 29th 2015
camera icon ROBIC, Jure Plavški rovt nad Jesenicami, Slovenia 9/24/2010
ROBINSON, Dr. Graham Helensville, North Island, New Zealand 14 October 2009
camera icon ROBINSON, Jacqueline Linwood & Woodward Ave., Royal Oak , MI September 19, 2008
camera icon ROBINSON, Randy St. Joe Hwy & Mulliken Rd, EATON CO, Michigan June 11, 2016
ROCAFORT, Miguel Miami, Florida March 31st, 2012
camera icon ROCK, Christopher Evan Santa Cruz, CA 4/8/2008
RODRIGUES PORTER, Victor R. Cranston St., Providence, RI March 23rd, 2010
camera icon RODRIGUEZ, Jesse Chicago, Illinois September 23, 2018
camera icon ROGERS, Jim Chicago Park, CA January 31, 2010
ROJO, Rodolfo Biscayne Blvd, Miami Shores, FL October 30, 2009
ROSAR, Bruce South Salem Street and Apex Peakway, NC July 11, 2009
camera icon ROSEN, Emily S Raleigh, NC 6/26/07
camera icon ROSENBUSCH, Lynne Calvert County, MD 10/31/15
camera icon ROSS, Aaron Kyle Hwy 87 mi. marker 202 South of Tulia, Swisher, TX October 16, 2011
camera icon ROTH, Jeff Maryville, TN August 9, 2006
camera icon ROUNSEVILLE, Annette Kingman, AZ December 12, 2007
ROWLATT, Jeremy New Melle, MO June 25, 2006
camera icon ROY, Tristin Carter Route 10, Croydon Flat, NH 8/10/2011
camera icon ROYER, William Walter Hwy 24/27 at Bethel Church Rd, Midland, NC February 25, 2005
camera icon RUE LAYBE, Michael Intersection of 26 street and Indian School R, Arizona October 12, 2014
RUNCIMAN, Andrew Austin, Texas April 23, 2011
camera icon RUSSELL, Roger Moraga, CA 11/21/2021
RUSSONIELLO, Andrew Clark Somerset, NJ August 29, 2016
RYAN, David Rexford, NY June 29, 2004
RYSKAMP, Donna Kalamazoo Co., MI August 9, 1983
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SABEL, Brian Riverside, CA March 23rd, 2019
camera icon SABIN, Dr. Stanley Millis, Massachusetts March 30, 2011
camera icon SAEZ, Humberto 3100 block of W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL Feb. 27, 2012 (Died
camera icon SAKAI, Ernest Honolulu, HI October 9, 2004
camera icon SAKS, Brett Sacaton, AZ October 4, 2008
camera icon SALAZAR, August Abilene, Texas January 30, 2016
SALOMON, Carol Seattle, WA Wed, Mar 11, 2009
camera icon SALOVESH, Dave Washington, DC April 19, 2019
camera icon SAMSON, Tom Intersection of Davenport & Lansdowne, Toront, Canada November 23, 2012
camera icon SANDERS, Margaret "Meg" Northampton, MA September 22, 2005
camera icon SANTIAGO, Serafin Pedro 125th and Lenox Ave, NYC, NY 1/19/14
camera icon SANTORO, Thomas Bike lane, Pershing & World Way West, LA, CA 5/20/16
camera icon SARGENT, Gary F Wilmington, NC 10/16/08
camera icon SAVOY, Camille Alpine, NJ November, 2008
camera icon SAWYER, Patrick 17500 Cleveland Rd., South Bend, IN July 21, 2008
camera icon SCARINGI, Susanne 35th and Graham, W. Seattle, WA 9-27-2006
camera icon SCHARTON, Raymond Henderson, US 93 Mile marker 46.7, NV 05-07-07
SCHEIDLER, Robert Decatur, Indiana September 15, 2001
camera icon SCHILLING, Christopher M. West Lacey Road, Lacey Township-Ocean Co., NJ Sept. 27, 2015 (thou
camera icon SCHLUETER, Eric Houston, TX May 14, 2006
SCHOEDINGER, Daniel H. Whitefish, Montana July 27, 2014
SCHRICKER, John Navarino, WI August 24 2008
SCHUETZE, Stephen Payson, AZ October 09, 1987
camera icon SCHWARTZ, Larry Dallas, TX May 4, 2003
SCHWARTZ, Menno Fort Wayne, IN 2010-Aug-18
camera icon SCIERA, David Santa Fe, New Mexico October 12, 1998
camera icon SCOTT, Samuel University City, MO February 4, 2012
camera icon SEARLE, James “Jim” Stafford, Kansas November 4, 2009
SEGALL, Scott El Paso, TX February 7, 2007
SEIDEN, Dr. Steve Baton Rouge, LA June 11, 2002
SEIFFERT, Bernd Mönchengladbach,, Germany 2010-Apr-28
SEILER, John Sartell, MN September 8th, 2015
camera icon SELLARS, Nancy 5 Mile Road, Raymond, WI July 9, 2008
SELLS, Jennifer Springfield, Oregon June 25,2011
SERRANO, Hector Gary, Indiana 5/31/08
camera icon SERVENTI, Michael J. Ft. Pierce, FL April 18, 2012
SEZMI?, Emrah Çarsamba, Samsun, Turkey June 15th, 2021
SHAEFER, Donald Lakewood, CO 7/23/13
camera icon SHAMI - THE LEGEND OF MT DIABL, Joseph Olympic Traffic Crcl, Olympic/Pleasant Hill Blvd, , CA April 13, 2021
camera icon SHANKER, Lucas West Lafayette, IN 5/1/2018
camera icon SHAVER, Brian Ankeny, IA September 11, 2005
SHEALY, Ramon L. Intersection of SR 96 & New Haven Rd., Tiro, Ohio 4/15/1996
camera icon SHERMAN , David Summerfield, NC October 24, 2009
camera icon SHERWOOD, Quentin Mick Road, Benzie County, Michigan September 16, 2002
SHOFFNER, Jean Lafayette, CA April 22, 1989
camera icon SHUBERT, Katherine H. Brookbank Rd., Summerfield, NC 04/13/12
camera icon SIEVERDING, Michael 28th & Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD June 24, 2006
camera icon SILVA, Wanderson Netto Paraty City - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil January 27, 2008
SILVESAN, Joel Robert Seattle, WA Feb. 27, 2001
SIMMONS, David Scott Forest Hill Blvd, W. Palm Beach, Florida November 29, 1995
camera icon SIMMONS, Gay Austin, TX April 17, 2006
SIMONS, Gary Ogden, UT May 18, 1998
SINGLETON, Carol R. Beaumont, TX 8-4-2011
camera icon SIPPEL, Suzanne N. Westnedge Ave @ Markin Glen Pk, Kalamazoo, MI June 7, 2016
camera icon SLAUGHTER-ECK, Breanna San Jose, CA 6/12/2008
SLIFER, Terry Ann Tamaqua, PA May 27, 1985
SLOAN, Nancy Brooklyn Heights, NYC, New York June 20, 2003
SLOAN, Theodore E. Hillsborough Ave. & N. 30th St., Tampa, FL February 10, 2010
camera icon SLUPECKI, Mark Bancroft and Fulton Co. Line, Swanton, Ohio September 8, 2002
SMITH, Daniel Perry, Michigan June 4th, 2012
SMITH, Delbert E. Fair Grove, MO August 10, 2001
camera icon SMITH, Elijah Woodland & Woodward ave., Columbus, OH July 3, 2013
SMITH, Jessy S.R. 574 near Sydney Dover Rd., Dover, FL Jan. 10, 2012
SMITH, Rabi Silver Spring, MD November 17, 1999
camera icon SMITH, Reginald Pharol Grinstead Dr @ Cherokee Pkwy, Louisville, KY November 11, 2006
SMITH, Rodney Woodside, CA May 25, 2007
SMITH, Rodney C. 3191 N. 9th Street, Lafayette, Indiana 05/14/2013
SMITH, Talia Old Indiana Route 3 and 400S, LaOtto, Indiana August 18, 2010
camera icon SNEDDEN, Stephen S. Middleton Twp., OH January 15, 2006
camera icon SNIDER, JR., Eric W. Watertown Township, MI July 26,2016
SOBIE, Anna Kent Co., MI September 29, 2005
SOCIA, Jim Ponca City, OK September 16, 2002
SOLIS, Juan Bronx, NY June 22, 2007
SOLOMON, Timothy Avondale Estates (greater Atlanta), GA April 15, 2017
SOLOMON, Truman Wesley Odessa, TX June 11, 2010
camera icon SONNTAG, Ben Durango, Colorado March 4, 2020
camera icon SORCI, Tommy Sacramento, California Sept. 7, 2009
camera icon SORENSEN, George Usery Loop, Mesa, Arizona Dec 30, 2023
SPANJER, Jill Cashmere, WA June 24, 2004
SPARLING, Tracey Portland, OR October 11, 2007
camera icon SPEIGHT, Rachel "Ramie" Henderson, KY June 19, 2005
camera icon SPERRY, Matthew Emeryville, CA June 5, 2003
SPILLER, Andrew Ephratah, Fulton County, NY June 7, 1992
camera icon SPIVEY, Jason Greenville, Texas December 15, 2018
camera icon SQUIRES, David L Spokane,, WA Mar-01-2010
camera icon STAGNER, Iris U.S. 180, 2 mi. west of Mineral Wells, Texas September 17, 2012
STATAM, Patrick U.S. 301 at Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL Mar. 19, 2010
camera icon STEINERT-THRELKELD, Tom Rte 302 & Old Hawleyville Rd., Bethel, CT Oct. 20, 2013
STEINWEDEL, Jeffrey Cupertino, CA December 2, 1996
camera icon STEPHENS, Susie St. Louis, MO March 21, 2002
STERNE, Mason E Bay Bike Path, Poppasquash Rd X'g, Bristol, RI July 24th, 2018
STEVENSON, Jeffrey T. Columbus (Dublin), Ohio May 21, 2010
camera icon STOBBART, Greg Burlington, Ontario, Canada June 6, 2006
STOERMER, Stephen State Highway 2, near Te Puke, N. Island, New Zealand 12 March 2009
STREBEL, Peter J. Mesick, Michigan September 20, 2000
STRICKLAND, Michael Purgatory Rd., Middletown, RI March 22nd, 2012
camera icon STRONG, Joe House Springs, MO December 23, 2006
camera icon STRUM, Jackson Rte 50, Cape May Co., New Jersey 7/6/20
camera icon SUEKE, Henri Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia May 28, 2015
SULLIVAN, JR., John P. Antrim, NH May 25, 1999
SUNSHINE, Dr. Harry Columbia, SC September 30, 2000
SUYAMA, Amy Sonoma Co., California September 10, 2016
camera icon SWANSON, Alice Washington, DC 07-08-08
SYKES, Bill KINGSTON, MA August 30, 2017
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TANNER, Terry Co. Rd 99 N. of Covell Blvd, Davis, California August 1, 2011
TAYLOR, Dan Putah Creek Rd between Winters and Davis, California 03/28/2014
TAYLOR, Isiah U.S. 127 in Lenawee Co's Medina Twp., MI Dec. 1, 2011
TAYLOR, Morris U.S. Hwy 301 & Bloomingdale Ave., Bloomingdal, FL July 28, 2011
camera icon TAYLOR, Paul N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta, Georgia April 30 2012
camera icon THELEN, James Michigan Ave. near Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, MI May 15, 2013
THOMAS, George Salado, Texas June 17,2011
THOMAS, Randal J. Pesmastin, WA November 15, 2009
camera icon THOMPSON, Sondra West Whitfield Ave., Sarasota, FL Jan. 30, 2011
TIFT, Candace Newport Beach, CA August 24, 2006
camera icon TIJERNIA, Jesus Cavillo Abilene, Texas April 12, 2014
camera icon TINKER, Bonnie Blacksburg, Virginia 7/2/09
TOMLIN, Richard D. Route 66 near Kingman, Arizona June 4, 2005
camera icon TOMLINSON, David Colona, CO July 10, 2008
camera icon TORTU, Dino Seal Cove, ME August 16, 2006
TRACIE, Timothy W. Water St., Port Huron Twp., Michigan June, 3 2014
TRIEBEL, Rev. Thomas Peoria, IL May 6, 1988
camera icon TRONNIER, Barbara Jean Durango/Elkhorn Las Vegas,, Nevada 6/5/08
camera icon TRYK, Mars Eugene, Oregon July 20, 2009
TUCKER, Sarah San Francisco, CA January 12, 2006
camera icon TUCKER, Viola San Clemente, CA May 6, 2006
camera icon TUMBARELLO, Michael Franklin, Indiana April 25, 1998
camera icon TUSZYNSKA, Barbara Bedford, NY September 4, 2005
camera icon TWESME, Kellsey Proctor W. Drummond Ave, Ridgecrest, CA October 11, 2012
camera icon TWISS, Jennifer Ashleigh Florin-Perkins at Okinawa, Sacramento, CA 11/26/2014
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UDOVICH, Frank Napa, CA 2000
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VALLEJO, Priscilla Santa Ana, CA July 13, 2015
VAN DE BOVENKAMP, Pieter G. Menifee, California April 23, 2006
VAN DUYM, Michel Lyons, CO 5/11/13
VAN KAMPEN, Frank State Highway 1, near Te Horo, N. Island, New Zealand 18 September 2009
VAN TOL, Hubert Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 20, 2006
camera icon VANDYKE, Rod 36th Ave, Georgetown Township, MI Oct 7, 2014
camera icon VANOUS, Penny Rowley, IA August 31, 2008
VANVLIET, Peiter W. ML King Blvd, Tampa, FL 19 March 2011
VEGA, Diane W. Spruce St. and N. Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 1 October 2010
camera icon VEGA, Michael Ray Rancho Cucamonga, California August 28, 2012
camera icon VERA, Yaudys Miami Dade, Florida 05/15/2022
camera icon VESCO, Marie A23, East Sussex, , UK 04 June 2008
VICKERS, Maxim Old Westbury, NY November 29, 2010
camera icon VIDOS (VIGOR), George Pyrgos, Greece April 11, 2009
camera icon VOGTS, Christopher "Red" near Vicksburg, MS Feb. 8th 2013
camera icon VOSS, Angela Christa SH51/S 165th W. Ave., Sand Springs, OK 9 June 2009
VOYTKO , Kenneth Tyrone, , PA May 6, 2010
camera icon VYE, Randall Brunswick, ME May 11, 2001
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WALCOTT , Lawrence "Larry" Rockport, , Texas Feb. 8, 2010
WALDRUP, David 700 block of N. Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 2/15/11
WALKER, Terry Cincinnati, OH July 23, 2006
WALLACE, Kelly Boston, MA May 6, 2007
WALLACE, Toby Cornwall , UK July 2, 2013
camera icon WALSH, Virgil Park Rapids, MN September 10, 2004
camera icon WALTERS, Michelle Boulder, Colorado August 7, 2016
camera icon WANG, Michael Seattle, WA July 28, 2011
camera icon WANG, Stanley Moorestown, NJ June 12, 2008
camera icon WANNINKHOF, Patrick Cordell, OK July 30, 2015
camera icon WARD, Lauren Perdriau Portola Valley, CA November 4, 2010
WARMOWSKI, James US17 Green Coves Springs, FL July 14, 2002
WARREN, Richard Greeley, Colorado May 16, 2012
camera icon WATSON, Laurence Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies March 22, 2008
camera icon WEATHERILL, Ann Walla Walla, WA May 9, 2004
camera icon WEBER, David IL-15, west of Little Prairie Rd, IL Sept 7th, 2017
WEBER, Edward U.S. 41 near St. Paul St., Tampa, FL 11/16/2010
WEBER, John Mast Manistee, Michigan Sept 22, 2007
WEEKS, Anthony Near where the westbound exit of I-75 & Fowle, FL 1 Nov 2010
WEIGL, Christopher Boston, MA December 6, 2012
WEIMER, Claude J. MP 4 Row River Rd Cottage Grove, OR 4/23/2007
WEINSTEIN, Pesach Monsey, NY April 21, 2005
camera icon WEISS, Dr. Gerald Indian Wells, California June 2, 2012
WEISS, Ed Oakland, CA July 29, 2006
camera icon WELLS, Pamela A. Hampton, NH 9/21/2013
camera icon WESSEL, Cody Casino Drive, Lake Elsinore, CA 8/5/2011
camera icon WEST, Joshua Ryan Los Gatos, CA February 1, 2010
camera icon WHEELER, Bob Wilmington, DE June 28, 2012
WHEELER, Jeffrey West 21st St Wichita, KS February 1999
WHEELER, Kim Earl Dallas, TX June 17, 1995
camera icon WHITACRE, Liza Marie Damen & Wellington, Chicago, IL October 21st, 2009
camera icon WHITAKER, Ayla Rose Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand December 9, 2006
WHITMAN, Diane Olney, MD May 3, 2012
WHITNEY, Cynthia Canyon, TX on US Hwy 87 near Hungate Rd., Texas July 17, 2010
WICHARY, Hans San Diego, CA May 8, 2004
WIERSEMA, Edy Missoula, MT July 19, 2001
WILBERDING, Mike Beaverton, OR August 12, 2006
camera icon WILBORN, Jim Casper, Wyoming 9/28/1998
camera icon WILHELM, Matt Urbana, IL September 2, 2006
camera icon WILKINSON, Diane Virgil Gilman Trail, Aurora, Illinois September 5, 2015
camera icon WILLIAMS, Rueben Roanoke, Virginia 3/2/10
camera icon WILSON, William B. Devine and King St. in Columbia, SC September 4, 2008
WINDER, Bruce St. Joachim, Quebec, Canada July 28, 2010
WISNOUSKY, Dan Ames, IA October 23, 2004
camera icon WOLD, Connie HW 85 Watford City, North Dakota August 25, 2009
camera icon WOLF, Samuel St. Philip, IN October 1, 2006
camera icon WONDERS, Garrett Charleston, SC March 10, 2004
WONG, Chi Shing Fanling,
Sheung Shui District, Hong Kong
July, 2006
camera icon WONG, Ethan McClellan Road & Bubb Road, Cupertino, CA 10/27/14
camera icon WOOLWINE, Diane Salida, CO June 22, 2006
WORTMAN, Jessica U.S. Hwy 41 at 14th Avenue SW, Ruskin, FL Feb. 13, 2012
WRIGHT, Mark Coos Bay, OR October 30, 2004
WRIGHT, Scott RI-5 and RI-102, Burrillville, RI November 3rd, 2010
WUYLENS, Julian A. W. Superior St, LaSalle St & W. Superior St., Illinois October 7, 2011
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YIP, Wing Tat Fanling,
Sheung Shui District, Hong Kong
July, 2006
YONKERS, Mary Redwood City, CA 10/14/2009
camera icon YORGUN, Umut Güneysö?üt - Defne - Hatay, Turkey October 20, 2020
camera icon YOUNG, Charlie Fort Collins, CO August 28, 2004
camera icon YOUNG, Gladys Ellisboro, NC August 18, 1999
camera icon YOUNG, Jason Milton (northern suburb of Atlanta) , GA April 29, 2015
camera icon YTSMA, Patrick Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem, PA December 4, 2011
YUSKAITIS, Jeff Weston, FL January 15, 2004
YUWEI, Look Jalan Tun Sardon, Penang, Malaysia 9th September 2012
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camera icon ZACH, Carl Joseph Fox Point, WI July 4, 2000
camera icon ZAJDELA, Aleš Zgornje Jarše, Domžale, Slovenija 30.4.2010
camera icon ZANIN, Jonathan "Jonny Z" Boulevard Bridge, Richmond, Virginia May 7, 2007
ZAPATA, Alejando Saginaw, MI May 12, 2010
ZAYHOWSKI, Robert Sand Lake, NY July 16, 2000
ZHU, Emily Raymond Rd, Southwest side, Madison, WI June 10, 2015
camera icon ZIEGLER, Paul Allen 18th Ave, McPherson, Kansas 9/23/12
ZIOBROWSKI, Christopher 2400 Block of Nooseneck Hill Rd (RI-3), Coventry, RI June 24th, 2017
ZOLLER, Gerhard Hugo "Gerd" Lodi, WI April 20, 2006
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