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In Memoriam Submission Guidlines

While we feel every cyclist's death is a tragedy to be mourned, the focus of the Ride of Silence™ web site is to try and save lives by raising motorist awareness. For this reason, only cyclists who have died as a result of a crash involving a motorist are considered for inclusion on the In Memoriam page.

Information requirements

In order to be included, all In Memoriam submissions must include at least the following basic information about the cyclist to be added:

  • First and last names
  • Date of the crash
  • Location where the crash occurred (city and state, province, or other subdivision, if applicable).

Optional image

You may provide one image to be used with the subject's entry. Simply include it as an attachment to your submission e-mail, and we'll do the rest. We'll make do with what ever you have, but images with a height of at least 300 pixels work best. Any image with a height in excess of 1000 pixels wide/high will be cropped and/or scaled down, so anything larger is unecessary. Please try to stick with .jpg, .gif, or .png formats if you can. We can extract images from .doc or .pdf files if we have to, but other formats may be unreadable by our editing software.

Optional link to another web site

If you have a URL for a web site that contains additional information about the subject—for example, an online newspaper article about the crash, an online obituary, or a memorial page—include it in your submission e-mail, and we will link the In Memoriam entry to it. Note that the Ride of Silence web site does not have sufficient resources to allow us to provide a home for eulogies, biographies, or anecdotes about fallen cyclists.

Where to send submissions

E-mail your submissions to our webmaster. At some times of the year, he's getting a lot of e-mail, so you can help him to recognize your submission by using a subject like "In Memoriam submission".

Not sure how to start? Just copy the text from the box below to your clipboard, paste it into a new e-mail, and then edit it to include the required information. If you have an image to include, remember to attach it to your e-mail before sending!