Ride of Silence...


  • We are in the process of updating our non-profit corporate status, so temporarily donations are not tax deductible. We hope you will donate anyway and we look forward to donations being tax-deductible in the near future.

  • You can now easily donate to the Ride of Silence and help support the efforts and growing expenses related to our mission.  While all of the expenses related to developing and growing the Ride of Silence events & mission around the world have been graciously absorbed by either the founder, Chris Phelan, our board members and individual organizers, we feel that much more can be accomplished with the financial assistance of others who support our mission. 

  • Examples of our expenses include but not limited to:

    - Costs related to developing promotional materials and better organizer resources.
    - Occasional travel expenses to present the Ride of Silence mission (e.g. ROS representative's travel expenses to the National Bike Summit in 2015; the Michigan Bicycle Summit, March 27, 2010; ROS founder's ride across America to personally bring the Ride of Silence message to communities & raise awareness of our mission along the way)
    - Costs related to developing, maintaining and enhancing the functionality of our web site.

    Additionally, we believe there is a lot more work that needs to be done nationally as well as globally to protect and enhance the safety and rights of bicyclists on the roadways where we ride, so if you'd like to assist us to that end we ask for your support.

    Donations can be made online via Paypal (see link/ button below) or checks can be made out and sent to: 

    The Ride of Silence
    **New Address as of Apr. 2022**

    PO Box 6693
    San Rafael, CA 94903

    Thank you for helping us spread the word and making our streets safer.